Why Grads in Content is so important

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Having worked in the content industry for nearly 20 years now I have witnessed great talent arrive from many different avenues.  But there is nothing quite as powerful as the fresh thinking, energised and ready-to-go individuals who have spent years graduating and learning about what we do who now want to put all that knowledge into practice. 

However, I thought what our industry lacked was a central source of information that (when you’re new to the industry) you can drill into to see what types of agencies exist, what they specialise in, who works for them and what they can offer in terms of grad schemes.  This combined with latest and relevant news, advice and support would offer a powerful stepping stone in surfacing the right roles for the right candidates. Which is why I’m delighted to have worked with the CMA to now launch Grads in Content, a digital gateway for anyone wanting to join the Content industry.

The CMA is seen as the mother-ship that umbrellas the industry and the fantastic brands and agencies within.  Therefore it is perfectly positioned to provide that pivotal first step to showcase opportunities provided by the industry to new graduating content enthusiasts.

Clare Jonik, Director of Content Marketing, Future Fusion

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Bridging the gap between education and the content marketing industry

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