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Many young people from Honduras fall into the throws of gang life. But Kenco has offered some at risk an opportunity to escape gang culture. The Moment are filming the participants involved, capturing their personal journeys as an online documentary series.


Honduras, South America, is as beautiful as it is lethal. Life expectancy in the gang dominated cities is as low as nineteen. Due to a lack of opportunity, before they even get a chance to live, many young people fall into the throws of gang life. But Kenco has offered a number of people at risk a lifeline; an incredible opportunity to escape gang culture and learn how to run a small business over a year.

JWT London commissioned us to create a series of online documentaries, capturing the individual journeys over 12 months, documenting the lives they left and the skills they have gained.


Sustainability has become the norm within the coffee industry and consumers are becoming increasingly sceptical of ethical messages from big brands. In an effort to make a real difference in people’s lives, JWT London developed a pioneering, category-redefining idea to reawaken the UK population to Kenco’s commitment to doing good – Coffee vs Gangs – giving teens at risk of joining the gangs in Honduras another choice.


This challenging environment necessitated a small agile crew – made up of one of our most experienced self-shooting directors and a bilingual producer who was able to translate interviews and navigate around the country. The documentary was shot high end on a F55 in order to create a cinematic, high quality feel.

Our brief from the outset was to tell the stories of these young people in their voice. The challenge however, was to do that with only a 2 man crew and no camera grip. To that end, all direction was designed to draw honest, compelling stories from contributors, all of whom had never experienced camera crews and who, initially were very wary about speaking out against gangs.

For interviews, interviewee eye lines were reversed and cameras placed at distance so as to make the contributor forget that there was a camera there at all. This also gives the feeling of a more candid interview. The result was emotional and uninhibited contributions around which the films hang.

Two different shooting styles were employed to juxtapose the claustrophobic, dangerous Barrios from which the contributors hail with the wide open, lush green hopeful spaces of the countryside, where the Kenco project takes place. The viewer should get a sense of unease and foreboding when seeing content set in the cities without ever seeing anything explicit. The scenes set in the countryside depict a sense of freedom and highlight the opportunities Kenco have given to these young people at risk.


Our content is helping Kenco to communicate a strong and powerful ethical message to the public, something that brands within the coffee industry are constantly striving to do in order to gain a positive brand perception. So that audiences understand that by choosing Kenco, they’re supporting Coffee vs Gangs, as well as our other grassroots projects in Honduras and beyond.

“Working on Coffee vs Gangs has been incredibly inspiring. Their professionalism, vision and ability to create best in class content is unmatched. Facing tough, uncertain and often unsafe environments, I credit them even more for being able to achieve the quality of storytelling that they have. I feel personally connected to every character primarily as a result of these films.

And our consumers have responded extremely positively too. Engagement rates of these films have beaten every industry benchmark and we have subsequent won market share in an extremely competitive market. Above all, the team has inspired confidence and trust in us, and have really taken ownership of the project, which as a brand owner, has enabled them to exceed all expectations. We are eager to continue developing this story with them in the coming months and continuing to reap the benefits of this successful campaign”.
– Emad Nadim, Brand Lead, Kenco

All films we produced exceeded Kenco’s expectations in terms of audience engagement, with our 30” versions of the films receiving a huge 12.3% completion rate.

The engagement rate currently being achieved is between 1.2% and 3.2% which well above the brand’s benchmark of 0.5%.

The stories received well over 1 million views within a month of upload. For example, Juan’s story intro garnered 1,230,819 views in the first month.

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