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Progressive Content worked with Unum, the employee benefits provider, to create a complete digital platform solution – including content creation, asset management, full web services and distribution via a custom-built app that integrates with Unum existing digital systems/infrastructure.


Unum’s insurance products are sold by their own sales team and via a large network of third-party brokers. They wanted to empower both these audiences to build better relationships with clients and prospects by sharing valuable content. Unum also wanted a website where all their marketing materials, key policy terms and conditions and guides could be easily found and freely accessible.

To maximise usage and buy-in from all users, they also needed a dedicated app that would allow the content to be searched and shared efficiently.


Progressive Content and Unum worked closely together to customise Progressive Content’s Knowledge Bank solution so that it perfectly reflected the needs of the business. This online content hub has the look and feel of an engaging news site, presenting a range of lively articles, infographics and videos on subjects of real interest to employee benefits decision makers and the broader HR sector.

It also hosts all of the core product guides and policy terms and conditions documents – so that sales teams and brokers can find all the relevant content assets in one place.

Brokers and sales teams can use the custom-built app to filter content quickly and discover relevant articles that can be shared via email or social media at the touch of a button – and which integrates with the existing Unum IT systems.

Progressive Content built the website and app and a dedicated editorial team continue to produce topical articles and infographics, working closely with the marketing team at Unum. The functionality of the website and app is being continually developed and the proposition is a market-first for insurance in the UK.

Integrating with Unum’s internal systems allowed Progressive to deliver a powerful and innovative technology solution that is ensuring Unum manages its rich bank of content more effectively and puts its power into the hands of the people who really matter – the frontline team.


Unum have named Progressive Content’s Knowledge Bank solution ‘Clive’.

Clive launched in March 2017 and has already attracted more visitors than the blog site that had previously hosted similar content.

Initial analytics showed an average of five page visits per session, demonstrating a fantastic level of engagement. More than 25% of visitors reached the site via links in social media, showing how shareable the content is.

Rupert Bedell, chief marketing officer at Unum said: “Progressive Content have helped us to shape our content strategy for the next few years and built a bespoke system that fits our requirements perfectly. It is a real partnership, where we strategise, design, build, fix and succeed together.

“We are the only provider in our market developing pathways like this with our brokers in mind. Clive’s success is evident not only in the initial results, but also in brokers’ keen desire to use it with their own clients. Access to our products, marketing and content is easier and faster than ever before when compared to our competitors, and this is reflected in the feedback we have received.”

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