Levi’s and huck magazine ask the question, ‘what does it mean to be a man today?’

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To launch their Performance Denim collection Levi’s has partnered with premium counter-culture platform Huck to create ‘Not a Hero’, a new film exploring how men are reimagining outdated expectations of status, identity and performance.

The film follows young creatives in the UK, Russia and Germany as they pursue new paths unburdened by inherited values.

There’s London-based photographer Owen Harvey, who spent years shooting projects without recognising his core subject – until a fellow photographer pointed out that his images all centred on how men represent themselves.

Musician Tofel Santana remembers how arriving in Germany as an 11-year-old from his native Dominica led to a crisis of identity. It was only through music and performance, Tofel explains, that he learned to discover who he really is.

Meanwhile, Kirill Grigorev – born and raised in a town northwest of Moscow – has been pushing aesthetic boundaries from the moment he began using his work as a tool for self-discovery.

Helen Job, Head of Insight at TCO London, the publisher behind Huck, adds: “Levi’s is a brand with a storied masculine history – a brand associated with working men, but also with being an integral part of culture across a diverse range of movements over the years. We worked with them to create films and stories that follow a selection of men as they pursue new paths and challenge outdated expectations.”

The film forms part of the Huck x Levi’s Performance denim partnership titled ‘Here & Now’ which was made in collaboration between OMD EMEA and Levi’s and will be distributed across Europe.

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