From zero to hero: how to measure the success of your video strategy

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Brands are creating more content than ever before, but one important question always remains: how should you measure the success of your video content?

After all, only 19% of marketers rate their organisation as “excellent” or “very good” at aligning metrics to their content marketing goals, meaning that there is a huge percentage of brands who are still in the dark about whether or not their content is actually working.

If you are part of this percentage then here’s 3 points to consider before embarking upon the content creation process:

Define your objectives before everything else.

You can’t successfully measure your content if you haven’t decided on exactly what you want it to achieve. Ask yourself: why are you creating content in the first place? What problem is your content trying to solve? What will the viewer take away from watching your film?

Your objective may be one or a combination of the following questions:

  • Do you want to increase your reach?
  • Do you want to build more loyal relationships with your audience?
  • Do you want to generate more leads?
  • Do you want to increase trust in your brand?

Regardless of what your objective is, ensure it is at the forefront of your content strategy at all times.

Don’t just focus on vanity metrics.

Obviously, this relies entirely on what your objectives are.

If your goal is awareness, then looking at the volume of people who have seen your content is a good start. The next step, and one of the most important ones, would be to determine the quality of people who have seen it. Out of all of those views, has your content really reached its target audience?

In general, however, views aren’t everything and should be assessed alongside other key figures such as:

  • Watch time
  • Click-through rate
  • Traffic sources
  • Engagement rate   

What about social media?

Whether you are going to post your content on one platform or multiple, it’s essential to think about how you are going to measure your content’s social media interactions. Are people sharing it? Where are they sharing it to? What are they saying about it?

Your audience can be a great source for determining how well your content has been received, so don’t neglect them!

What next?

Once you’ve figured out how to measure the success of your content, the most important part is knowing what to do with it. Analyse, learn and evolve your future films to incorporate the positive and negative lessons from your previous content.

After all, there isn’t a sure-fire way to create and measure your video’s success. Every brand’s objective is different, every piece of content is different and every audience is different. The key is to find the way that best suits your brand’s individual requirements, even if that means some trial-and-error along the way.

Stuart Stubbs, Founder, Navigate Video

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