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What Do We Do?

Grads in Content Marketing connects people in education with those companies and brands who are both producing quality content and looking to hire new talent into their teams. With the Content Industry worth over £500 billion pounds a year, the members of the CMA have chosen to develop Grads in Content because they understand that to grow and flourish new talented individuals need to join their teams. 

With offices in London and Manchester Grads in Content will be at the heart of the industry working to connect the right university or person to the right industry partner, wherever they are.


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Who Are We?

Grads in Content is a brand of the Content Marketing Association (CMA), a not for profit association that has been in existence for over 10 years built by the membership, for the membership  Everyone involved with the CMA is passionate about all things marketing and content including new technologies and platforms whilst not forgetting the heritage in social and print and publishing. Our membership team drives best practice, innovation and storytelling to promote branded content to a global audience and nothing beats the feeling of seeing one of our members landing their first International Content Marketing Award or seeing one of our own student/graduate members winning their first role Rising Star award, we live for those moments. 

We know the industry inside out and use this knowledge to support our members, we are motivated by bringing everyone together, helping aspiring content enthusiasts to get secure their first job or to join a Grad scheme.finding the right talent for the right employer.  That’s why we’re always looking for better ways to help our members connect – to find out more ways of being a CMA Member contact us here with any questions.

What can I expect from us...

Developing relationships has also long been part of our history and the CMA is rightly recognised as the home of content and best practice. We connect to writers, producers, videographers, editors, and film producers everywhere running networking, thought leadership monthly events and introducing new training programmes which continue to improve the ways in which we can connect with our members and enthusiasts. 

To gain contribute to our news and advice, events and always be the first to know of new jobs becoming available sign up to the weekly newsletter. We encourage all those Student members to send in their content so that we can showcase this and show you all in the best possible light. For more on what the CMA Student Membership can offer you click here.

Who we work with...

We work alongside some fantastic organisations that are making a real difference in the way we all read and consumer marketing content. Some have been in the industry for as long as we have, others have started a little more recently but we’re proud to work with all of them to develop and grow our industry. To read more about the organisations that can help you, click here.